Creating a basic form.

Go to your module, and make sure you have created an Inspection Class that this form will live under.

Expand the inspection class by clicking the chevron on the left, and you'll be presented with the form builder.

We can ignore the Icons for now, and leave it with the default icons. See the help for more details on setting map icons. You may also notice that you can switch between a Wizard and Source form builder. For creating a simple form, we will use the Wizard.

For each field we want to add to our form, we simply need to give it a name, select a type, and add a placeholder or a list of items for a dropdown list. Note that for dropdown list items, we add value and display on a seperate line for each item you would like in the dropdown list. The value is what will be saved to the database, while the display will be shown on the dropdown. Eg.

 Strong, Can lift heavy things
 Weak, Can bend spoons with mind power

By ticking the Required box, an inspection can't be saved until the field has been addressed.