RhinoSpect was designed with low bandwidth, unreliable links in mind.


When synchronising, new or modified inspection data is uploaded first.  This ensures that your data is visible to other users.

Only after that do we download new or modified inspections from other devices.

As this is all text based, it can be performed on a significantly degraded link.  Only after this has been successfully completed, do we transfer images, which require a more substantial link.


All synchronisation is performed via compressed JSON, ensuring the smallest possible data packets.  The only exception are images, which are transferred as raw binary objects, which are 30% smaller than the more common BASE64 encoded methods.

Smart recovery

Where a transfer fails part way through (generally due to a data link failing), RhinoSpect knows which records got through successfully, and when next attempting, continues where it left off.  This allows a full sync to take place over multiple small windows in limited connectivity environments.