RhinoSpect lets you share your module with other RhinoSpect users.  This tutorial will guide you through providing access to another user account.

Once a module is shared, it will show up in that user's module list, and if they have Read permissions, the inspections will show in their inspection list and map views.

  1. Open the module by selecting Modules -> Module List -> click the module name, of the module you wish to share.
  2. Scroll down to where it says "Sharing & Permissions".
  3. Enter the details as follows:
    1. Email:  The registered email address of the RhinoSpect account you wish to share the module with.
    2. Permissions:  You have four options here:
  • Read.  The user will be able to view inspections against this module.
  • Write.  The user will be able to view, create and edit inspections against this module.
  • Edit Module:  The user will be able to edit the module configuration.
  • Edit Security:  The user will be able to add and remove sharing permissions for this module.
  • Description:  A comment to help you remember why you shared this module with this user.
  • Click the blue "+" button to start sharing.